No Refined Sugar Cashew and Cacao Energy Balls



I’ve based this recipe on a paleo bar that I picked up at a supermarket checkout a few weeks back. The price tag alone made me decide to make my own version and these are the result. They should keep for a good week or so in the fridge but I bet they won’t last that long. They could be rolled in chopped nuts as an alternative to the coconut, or even a little cocoa if you prefer them slightly sweeter.


120g cashew nuts, soaked in water overnight
120g soft dates (soak these in boiling water if they’re really dry)
15g raw cacao powder
50g raisins
30g cacao nibs
1/2 tsp orange essence
Dessicated coconut for rolling


Drain the cashew nuts and reserve the liquid.

Place the cashews, dates (drained), raw cacao powder and orange essence in a processor and pulse until blended. Check the texture and if too dry add a drop of the cashew water.

Turn the mixture into a bowl and add the cacao nibs and raisins. Mid well until thoroughly combined.

Using a tablespoon measuring scoop for size, roll gently into balls and coat in dessicated coconut. Place on a plate and chill until firm.

Keep refrigerated.