Post-40 Bloggers


After joining Twitter some two years ago it didn’t take me long to work out that there are an awful lot of ‘Mummy’ – and ‘Daddy’ – bloggers out there who produce some fabulous pieces of writing relating to their children, and all things child-orientated, but with whom I have very little in common, other than the odd bit of older parent advice I can offer where necessary. When I started writing my own blog I really wasn’t quite sure where it would fit in to the whole blogging community scenario. After going to the BritMums conference in London last year to meet other bloggers, I quickly realised that I was most definitely the oldest person in the room, and felt a teensy bit apprehensive about what I was doing. It got me thinking, what about those of us with older offspring or those of us who simply didn’t choose that paritcular route through life? What about the retirees or the grandparents of the blogging community – where do they fit in to a world that seems to be dominated by parent-led blogs?

The answer is here: the Post 40 Bloggers community website. It does exactly what it says on the tin: it publishes the work of bloggers and writers aged 40 upwards and it is pretty much devoid of nappies, lego and chicken-pox. Although it still offers articles and advice on all things family, these are generally aimed at the older end of the market. Alongside family issues, there are also some seriously grown up and thought-provoking pieces, not to mention some great recipe ideas and fashion to boot. All in all it’s pretty darned good. 

I have had a couple of articles published on Post 40, the most recent of which was entitled ‘The Face in the Mirror’, which was written in response to one of many writing prompts offered by the editorial team at Post 40.

If you haven’t already read it, please take a look. It came straight from the heart, with no editing or redrafting. In hindsight I could probably have made it read slightly better and could have added more to it, but I wanted to send it raw, just as it felt when I was writing it.


‘Sit in front of a mirror,’ Post-40 Bloggers said.

‘Write about what you see,’ they said.

‘Be honest,’ they added.

So here I sit, looking into a mirror as I type, not entirely liking what I see if I’m perfectly honest. It’s not that I consider myself unattractive: I’m quite pleased with the physical make up of my face – I like my brown eyes; my nose is neat; my mouth is alright. It’s all present and correct and all in the right place. Apart from my skin – my skin is suddenly doing something odd, and I don’t like it…….

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