The first of the month has come round again, bringing with it the photography challenge aptly titled One Day Twelve Pics. This month’s was a bit different for me as I was out on my bike all day, so the photographs are really just a photo-journal of my journey. It was a very different day to last month’s, and I’m really quite enjoying seeing how a fresh month has brought something new and exciting. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the day out!

breakfastBreakfast: home-made everything…







Ready, steady…pic 2









pic 3


Happy memories….the house my children¬†were brought up in is just visible at the top of the photo








The road to nowhere…ic 4









Tow path touring…ic 5









First view of our destination: the mountain in the distance..ic 6








Into the Beacons…ic 17









Snickers snack…pic 13










pic 7









LLanthony Country show: quad-sack racing. Honestly. pic 9








Homeward bound…pic 11









Back to The ‘Diff…pic 20











So there it is in all its glory, August the first. I wonder what September’s day will bring?





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