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I haven’t made anything crafty for ages, so when the Hillary’s Blind’s Craft Competition surfaced in my timeline on Twitter, it was all systems go. A metre of their gorgeous new blind fabric was offered to anyone who wanted to compete, with the premise of making whatever you fancied – using any other materials you like – the only limit being your imagination.

Hillarys blindBeing someone with a somewhat quirky sense of what is right and what is wrong, I decided that making something ‘furnishy’ from a furnishing fabric was totally out of the question, so decided to turn my metre of their beautiful bold Rayna Apple fabric into something decidedly more delicate – a bouquet of fabric roses. The roses were not difficult to make and are entirely open to your own interpretation – virtually anything can be used for the stems, and the fabric can be glued not sewn if that is how you wish to make them.



Requirements:hillarys 20

Glue gun & glue sticks



1m square of fabric

2 felt squares

Wire for stems

Garden twine to cover stems (optional)

Sewing materials – machine or hand sewing (optional)





hillarys 2Cut the material into 100cm x 12 cm strips.

Either sew into tubes, turn right side out & press OR simply fold in half, leaving a rough, frayed edge which can look quite funky.




hillarys 8

Using the glue gun, start rolling your flower from one end, twisting the fabric right over on itself to create folds in the petals and glueing it in place as you go along. A few practise runs are advisable before you glue the first one, just to get the feel of how the fabric actually folds. Continue folding, wrapping and glueing the fabric until a bloom is created. These can be as tight or as ‘blousy’ as you prefer. Half length tubes can also be used to create tightly budded flower heads.


hillarys 22











hillarys9Once you have created all your flowers, make the corresponding number of stems using your chosen material. I opted for florist wire which I twisted into strong stems, leaving the ends free to create a ‘cup’ which the flowers would sit in. Alternatively, a stronger, thicker wire can be inserted into the centre of the bloom and glued into place. I also opted to cover my wire with garden twine to hide the wire, and to give a slightly ‘prickly’ texture to each stem. An alternative to wire would be real sticks or twigs, or pipe cleaners if your chosen fabric is lightweight enough.

hillarys 12









hillarys 15 hillarys 18

The leaves were cut from felt squares, and I stitched a zig zag pattern on using a sewing machine. Alternatively, a running stitch done by hand would look just as good. To make the sewing easier, I laid the leaves onto a piece of tissue paper to prevent them getting caught in the machine; stitched them in one continuous strip and then simply tore the tissue away before separating them.



To create a bit more movement, I glued a pinch into the base of each leaf before attaching them to the stems using the glue gun.







To hold the stems firm, and also to give the appearance of water, I arranged the finished blooms in a vase filled with glass stones. Et voila! What do you think? Please let me know if you give these a try, they really are rather effective.






7 thoughts on “Hillary’s Blinds Craft Competition

    1. Alison Post author

      Thanks! It was a fab competition, and there’s some stiff competition. There are so many clever people out there!

    1. Alison Post author

      Thank you, I love your butterfly mobile too. It was all such lovely fabric, it was hard to choose. Good luck to you too

    1. Alison Post author

      Thank you so much Eileen. I do love making things, especially when I’m left to my own imagination. And I bet you could make these, it’s really quite simple x

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