Those three little words….


No, no. Not those three little words. These are an entirely different three little words. These are the three little words that will rule your life for ever more as far as clothes shopping is concerned. These three little words are designed to help you save money, stop impulse buying and bring your wardrobe under some kind of control. These are a very special three little words indeed.

‘WHAT THREE LITTLE WORDS?’  I hear you cry.

Let me explain…. Around about forty five I hit a wardrobe slump.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to wear- no, quite the opposite – I had too much to wear.  My wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and spare bedroom were cluttered with a little bit of clothing I was wearing all the time, and an awful lot that I wasn’t wearing at all – mostly because I didn’t have anything to wear with it, or because it wasn’t quite  (dare I say it…) age-appropriate. I was still trying to buy things to match with existing garments, which also ended up mostly unworn, and I was spending hours trying to sort it all out.  And then I read about the Three Word Theory, which is aimed to help serial shoppers like me make their purchasing habit slightly more cost-effective.

The Three Word Theory is this: quite simply, you pick three words that describe what your clothes style says about you.  Maybe glamorous? Maybe punk? Maybe casual? Maybe feminine? Maybe sporty? Maybe contemporary? Maybe fashionable?  The list is endless.   Whichever words you choose you, these are the ones you must be guided by, so you must think about them very carefully and choose wisely.  It’s inevitable that they will also belong to someone else – maybe all three, maybe just one or two – but it doesn’t matter.  These three little words are the ones that describe you and your fashion sense, and you must apply them to your existing wardrobe and to any future purchases.

Having chosen your three words, now open your wardrobe, be completely ruthless and ditch anything that doesn’t fit either any one individual word or all three of your words together.  For example, someone may be dressed in quite a masculine style for work, but prefer to wear quite casual clothing at the weekends. In this case, these are two quite separate categories, but clothing that fits either is acceptable, and there may be some cross over garments too. Once you have established your criteria, the sifting through your belongings will become quite cathartic.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of the items that don’t fit your words were either impulse buys or sales purchases, made with neither thought nor care; these are the ones that are cluttering up your valuable wardrobe space.

Since starting to use the Three Word Theory, my shopping habit has become far more productive. Whenever I am in a store, with my hand on a garment, I ask myself will it fit any of my three words?  If the answer is yes, then I am allowed to consider it; if the answer is no – no matter how nice/ how much of a bargain it is – it goes back on the rail. And it really, truly works.  I’m probably still spending the same amount as I was before, but at least now I am wearing purchases and they generally fit in with those items I kept after my initial purge.  Plus I find that I am buying less, but of a better quality than I was before. I still confess to having a few garments that I can’t part with for sentimental reasons, which will probably never be worn again, and are packaged up in the loft, but I just couldn’t bear to part with everything.

What’s that? What are my three little words?  Don’t tell anyone…..someone might pinch them…

Feminine, Chic and Sophisticated.