A Pinch & A Punch

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A month of bank holidays, barbecues, general giddiness over the forthcoming warm weather and….frost. Yes frost. I can almost feel my petunias shivering as I write. Apparently we are in for a few chilly starts before we get the warm bank holiday weather we are all craving. And today, just to kick start the first of the month we have rain. Well done May.

This month I am officially a #MorrisonsMum, which means I get to shop at my favourite supermarket courtesy of the wonderful  people at BritMums and Morrisons, and report back to all of you about my marvellous experience. AlphaMale is already planning the shopping trolley for tomorrow, as am I. I suspect our lists are not going to look the same. Mine will include lots of yummy ingredients for a weekend’s cooking. I dread to think what’s on his list. I may be blacklisted from BritMums for good if I let him loose with the vouchers. Anyway, watch this space to see what I buy, cook and, obviously, eat.

May is also a month of weddings: my best friend Linda is  marrying her partner Rachel on Sunday. AlphaMale’s best friend got married last weekend too, although technically that wasn’t May,  but it’s close enough.  Weddings mean new dresses, shoes, bags and hats. This makes me very happy. AlphaMale has a new shirt. Enough said.

To celebrate the start of the warm weather we are planning a bike ride of epic proportions on Saturday: 52 miles along the North Gower coast and out along the Millennium Coastal Path. A this point in time it seems like a really good idea, but ask me again on Saturday morning when the frost is still crispy on the ground; I may see it slightly differently then. Hopefully the ride will appear on my other bit of nonsense, BetterByCycle, found at this address.: http://betterbycycle.wordpress.com/. Or it may not, depending on the weather and my inclination to get out of bed.